Summary of Data: Focus Definitions


Those whose focus is the engagement, expression and integration of the arts within the life, worship and witness of the local church.


Those whose focus is the engagement and expression of the arts within universities, colleges, seminaries, bible colleges, and other institutions of higher education.


Those whose focus is the engagement, expression and integration of the arts within specific mission agencies and/or the missions community at large.


Those whose focus is the engagement and expression of the arts within the cultural marketplace, either in a professional context as an artist, or coming alongside these culture-shapers.


Focus Group: Vision Statements and Strategies

1) Church

We dream of a future in which the church humbly acknowledges her humanity, celebrates God and His creation, lives out authentic relationships, embraces a diversity of creative artistic expression, affirms artists in their calling and acts as
a catalyst for cultural change inspired by a holistic Christian worldview.

• We, as the church, must educate and disseminate an ethos for the arts, the artist, and culture in the church, through the integration of art into our church life and service.
• We, as the church, must rediscover and cultivate cultural awareness, openness, and an appreciation of art in the broader culture, working towards a mutual reconciliation between artists and the church community.
• We, as the church, must develop nurturing, caring communities, which welcome the artist and supports them in their often arduous and lonely assignment in the broader culture.

2) Academy

Envision a future in which God’s people in Europe will integrate into their worldview a response to the Cultural Mandate that will restore and empower personal engagement and enjoyment of the arts—affirming and celebrating truth and beauty in the context of the life and mission of the church, within their specific cultural setting.


• Identify and engage leaders, emerging leaders and gatekeepers in the European Christian context for initial education and vision casting in the arts and faith context.
• Provide diverse contextualised leadership forums for the different constituencies (mission, theology, education and church) to develop a biblical worldview on the arts.
• Empower leaders to integrate this understanding into the life and mission of the church through the development of supportive networks, partnerships and shared resources.

3) Missions

We envision a new openness in the global mission movement that fosters a specific focus on artists as missionaries active in the cultural landscape with a Biblical worldview.

• Integrate artistic communication into all facets of mission endeavour, including conferences and training events, offering artistic gifts to churches and organisations, educating pastors.
• Sensitize missions senders and member-care givers to better equip and support artists in their missionary calling (internal-external) through expert contact persons, financial structures and educational and equipping events and centres.
• Interacting with and researching the cultural context (including Islam, New Age, Postmodernism etc) to define redemptive, interactive and catalytic strategies for artistic initiatives in European missions.

4) Marketplace

We envision a vital international community of influential, well-resourced, relevant artists of faith, committed to quality, excellence and innovation that will be confident in the validity of the artistic process and creativity, and have an authentic voice in the marketplace. They will help the church understand art, who in turn will support and encourage the artists to do their work.

• Encouraging, equipping and commissioning of individual artists.
• Empowering support networks to help financially, spiritually, emotionally and practically.
• Establishing a two-way relationship between the artists and the church and artists and the marketplace and training churches to truly understand the marketplace and its challenges.

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