Arts+ Europe Survey

1. NATIONAL ROUNDTABLE QUESTIONS: Who could help to start it in your country (2-3 names)?
2. Would you help us contacting these persons?
3. Would you be willing and able to invite us and some candidates for an "Arts+ Roundtable Vision Meeting" in your country? If yes, when best?
EUROPEAN ARTS PROGRAM SURVEY: Do you run, or know about European Christ-centred, arts-related Programs, Institutes, or Schools? Please help us by answering the following questions:

4. Location of the program: (list country/city)

5. Name of the sponsoring/parent organization:
6. Religious affiliation:
7. Name of the program:
8. Objectives of the program:
9. Main emphasis of program:
10. Artistic discipline(s):
11. Target skill level:
12. Estimated Number of Participants:
13. Address of the organization:
14. Website URL:
15. Email address:
16. Contact person/director:
17. Phone Number:
18.Please list any other organization/group you are aware of in your country/region that offers spiritual or practical training for artists within a Christian worldview.
19. Do you have literature and promotional materials you can send us?

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